Apple’s iCloud passwords extension for Chrome

Apple recently has delivered an official extension for Chrome’s Windows and Mac versions, and it allows you to use passwords stored in iCloud Keychain. If you use Chrome for browsing and iCloud Keychain in lieu of a trusted password manager, then it could make bouncing between Mac and Windows PCs a lot simple.

The extension release implies that in case you’ve used Safari to produce better and stronger passwords on other platforms automatically, those would now be able to be accessible to you in Chrome when you’re prompted for a login.

Passwords that you create in Chrome for Windows will additionally sync back to iCloud to get available on Apple devices as well.

Once you update iCloud for Windows to version 12, check the available services, and there, you’ll get a new Passwords” section. Earlier this week, it teased the presence of the extension. If you tap on “Apply” to proceed at the bottom, then it’ll open a dialog box that prompts you to download the tool inside Chrome. Microsoft365.cpm/setup or

The sync is bi-directional with new qualifications you store in Google’s program saved to the iCloud Keychain so that it’s available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac gadgets.

Passwords that you’ve made, saved in Safari for iOS and macOS, or automatically generated while using Chrome will get an assessment. With new credentials, the sync is bi-directional that you store in Google’s browser saved to the iCloud Keychain to be available on Mac devices, iPhone, and iPad.

The extension is named iCloud Passwords, and one can access it in Chrome Web Store. This Chrome tool of iCloud Passwords joins the only other extension of apple for older Windows (7 + 8) PCs called iCloud Bookmarks.

A few days ago, in an update for the iCloud Windows 10 app, details of the functionality were rashly revealed, and it listed a new feature, “Support for iCloud Passwords Chrome Extension,” instead the extension not having been launched or in any case declared.